Killer Instinct Devs Tease New Character That Either Is Or Has A Katana Preview

The official Killer Instinct Twitter account posted a teaser today, reading “and there exists yet another powerful Coalesced Guardian in the form of a Japanese katana.”

And that’s it. No further information has been provided at this stage, so it’s not clear whether the new character wields a katana, or is in itself a katana. Characters in Killer Instinct are called “guardians,” which gives us confidence this is a character tease, but aside from that we’ve no idea who’s up next.

Event Hubs is guessing a samurai character, numerous twitter users have proposed Ninja Gaiden‘s Ryu Hayabusa, one Ultra-Combo forum-goer hoped it would be the yet-unrepresented Eagle but with a katana. Ultimately, though, we’re going to have to wait for developer Iron Galaxies to reveal more information.

In other, more concrete Killer Instinct news, ultimate moves are being added for 15 characters, check out the ultimates for Maya, Thunder, and TJ Combo.