So, Who’s Actually From Norrath?

Now that we’ve got a lore forum, I figured I might as well toss this one out, maybe see if Moorgard’s feeling talkative.

So, the elves got high magic, and part of that deal was the ability to use the spires to travel to other worlds/realms/planes/whatever they are, where they meet other races, intermingle, and eventually end up enslaving them after the whole shissar thing. Apparently, this means not all the major races are not actually natives of Norrath, but some come from the other worlds the elves found. So now I’m curious, what worlds are all the different races from? Going off the ebooks, as well as various past Moorgard posts, here’s what I’ve figured out so far:

Elves, kerrans, and dragons all appear to be Norrath natives.
Dwarves and ogres are both mentioned as being from a second world, whose name currently escapes me.
Shissar are from yet another world.
Erudites sound like they’re a human culture, rather than a separate race, and thus originate from wherever humans are from, but currently reside on Odus, which is now a magic-suffused world rather than a Norrathian continent.
And of course, the dark elves lived on Umbra when they actually became dark elves.

That’s all I’ve got so far.
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