Dragon’s Prophet Stress Test Starts Tomorrow


Dragon's Prophet European Stress Test Starts Tomorrow

Infernum’s dragon-taming MMO opens to the masses tomorrow.

Dragon’s Prophet, the fantasy action MMORPG from Runewaker Entertainment, will open its closed beta servers in Europe tomorrow for a public stress test.

“The Closed Beta server opens its gates to the entire community on Wednesday. The goal is to have as many players as possible online to test our hardware capabilities. Bring your friends along and unleash the dragon within you.”

The stress test runs from 17:00 until 22:00 CEST on Wednesday April 24th. If you’re interested in taking part, just log in to the Dragon’s Prophet Europe site, copy this activation key: STR3SST35T1, and then redeem the key at the beta key redemption page. You can download the closed beta client here.

To learn more, check out the stress test FAQ.


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