Players helping “polish” EQN cities in game.

Rosie mentioned on the Workshop show that she wants to get players into Norrath to help polish up the build locations when the time comes. I think this is a great idea…but how should they actually go about letting players in like that?

The big question here is what does she mean by polish? As in just some voxelmancers go in and fix some geometry? Or, the other extreme of actually terraforming buildings into the ground and maybe even positioning and placement or even just building on-site?

Personally I think they need to have a more intensive process for this…not just competition winners get to go fix their build (which would take more time to set up than for them to just do themselves and probably wouldn’t be worth the effort other than making people feel good). I’d imagine a separate competition or screening process to allow builders in which involves purpose and experience as well as a show of skill.

The primary problem with just letting winners in is there are too many winners…which means a higher chance of someone going in there and just trolling or causing problems.

It’s obvious that letting players help them build the cities outright would decrease the time needed substantially while increasing output by a ton especially with their current team size being so small. So if they truly do want sprawling cities they need to have lots of players helping out.

That doesn’t just mean voxelmancers but it also means terraformers and prop/interior design people to maximize output as each would do what they do best and in doing so it’d be much faster and likely more cohesive.

The biggest issue I foresee is a severe drop in quality due to a lack of focus or self awareness in the builders that are allowed in. Specifically in the diverse range of quality and types of features making it feel a bit all over the place and clunky while lacking a cohesiveness that you’d find in most olden towns.
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