ETA on next Q&A?

Posting this here and not on reddit so we don’t have to deal with all the trolls. Anyways I was wondering if we could get an ETA on the next Q&A. Last one was on Feb.20 and towards to end of the Q&A they said that this something we plan on doing more in the future. I wasn’t expecting one every week or month but more along the lines of every 2-3 months. I really liked the last Q&A just to give us a generalized update on everything and to see that everything is still in production (saying it in a video is sometimes more reassuring to see rather than just posting it on the forms). Also seems like the perfect time to put one out since its DB celebration week and with the update coming out on (I think) May 11. I really miss the interactions they once did with the Round Table and short videos on the polls. Now that it seems that DB has discontinued the Round Table I was hoping that this would take its place.
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