Original StarCraft Music Coming To Heroes of the Storm

Fans of the original StarCraft will be pleased to hear that the game’s soundtrack hits Heroes of the Storm in the new Machines of War update. Blizzard confirmed to GameSpot during an interview that new versions of StarCraft’s music was re-recorded for the brawler to “give it an updated feel while still hitting that nostalgic feeling.”

The re-recording was conducted with new musicians, including a drummer, bass player, guitar player, fiddle player, and ten brass players. The new tracks will make their way to Heroes of the Storm as part of the StarCraft-themed Machines of War update.

Blizzard first revealed the update two weeks ago. It will see the addition of new maps, characters, skins, and more. On the hero side, we’re getting Legacy of the Void‘s Alarak, the leader of the Tal’darim. He’s a melee Assassin with what appears to be some quick-hitting abilities. Overwatch‘s Zarya will also be joining the game’s roster.

Kerrigan gets a new skin, called Queen of Ghosts. The Butcher gets one (The Butcherlisk) that makes him look like a Zerg, and Rexxar gets a Terran-themed skin (Raider). The awesome Ghost Speeder is also being added as a mount.

We recently spoke to Heroes of the Storm lead battleground designer John DeShazer about the new battlegrounds being introduced with the Machines of Update. Check it out to find out more details about the inspirations they took from the first StarCraft game, and what mechanics are being translated over.