Free Online MMORPG Games Like World of Warcraft – Why Pay When You Can Play It for Free?

Everybody knows World of Warcraft is a record holder when it comes to Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games or MMORPGs. When World of Warcraft was launched in 2004, it made sense to pay because there was nothing like it before and it was truly a unique experience. Luckily, game developers and publishers have worked together to come up with free online MMORPG games like World of Warcraft. So, for those who are looking for an excellent alternative to WoW, here are several free online MMROPGs.

A Few Popular Examples of Free Online MMORPG Games Like World of Warcraft

shaiya screenshot

Shaiya Screenshot


A great game that is totally free to play. It has guilds, dungeon raids, faction vs faction PvP and auction houses like WoW. The player community is very nice and friendly which is a big plus when it comes to f2p MMORPGs. The 3D graphics are also as good, if not better than World of Warcraft’s. There are two factions in Shaiya, the Alliance of Light and the Union of Fury. The two races which make up the Alliance of Light are the Humans and the Elves. The Union of Fury is made up of the Vail and the Nordein (Deatheaters). Each faction has 6 Classes to choose from which gives you a nice range of choices.

Allods Online

A big budget free to play MMORPG that is very polished and looks good enough to compete with pay to play MMOs. It has been called “the perfect WoW clone” because of its Western-style gameplay, vast virtual world, faction vs faction PvP, and similarity to World of Warcraft.

Talisman Online

Talisman Online is a 3D free to play fantasy MMORPG that is sometimes called “the poor man’s WoW” because of its marked resemblance to World of Warcraft. Among the similarities are: world design elements, user interface, quests, looting system, and mini map style. One of its unique features is the ability to upgrade gear with accumulated points during hunting.

MMORPG Games like World of Warcraft – What Makes Them Fun

  • Opportunity to join a group – Joining a group has always been an essential feature of MMORPGs. Grouping increases the player’s chance of surviving dungeons and accomplishing quests. In addition, it helps people make friends with other players; thus, gives a sense of belonging, especially to newbies.
  • Faction vs Faction PVP – The Player vs. Player component of MMORPG games where you get to club other players with a sledgehammer (or some other weapon) offers as much fun as making allies in the game.It’s an occasion to show your prowess and various skills, while also momentarily breaking free from the monotony of incessant monster slaying. But the clincher is the opportunity to acquire the spoils of the battle, usually in the form of assorted unique equipment.
  • Instanced Dungeons and Boss Fights – For many, dungeon crawling is a big part of playing RPG games – it provides an element of suspense when exploring shadowy and sinister-looking corridors; not to mention the added thrill and excitement of confronting unexpected throngs of menacing creatures. The real fun though is when you reach the end of the dungeon, where treasures of every shape and form – such as vast amounts of gold, exceptional armors and weapons, or immense quantity of experience can be yours for the taking. Talk about getting motivated to raid those dungeons!
  • Quests – The fun part about quests is that they allow you to explore the realm you’re playing in. You don’t just look at the pretty graphics and in-game scenery but interact with it such as sampling items offered by the local merchants. This is ideal for new players and may serve as initiation /immersion to digital landscape. More significant of all, completing a quest can provide lots of benefits that include new items, additional experience and the sense of achievement that a completed quest brings.

MMORPGs are, by nature, always online and from a logical point of view, development and upkeep of these games need some sort of revenues to keep it going. But there are actually free online MMORPGs like World of Warcraft with $ 0 cost. So what are you waiting for? Go get ‘em and start gaining those levels!

F2P MMORPG Games Online

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