Best PvP MMORPGs 2012: Top F2P Games Online

Only the best free-to-play PvP MMORPG games 2012 are listed here. There are absolutely heaps of MMORPGs which have fantastic PvP elements to them. Some of them are very competitive and some of them are just plain fun and of course some that are the perfect mixture of both. With so many great options it’s hard to choose the best so here are some great PvP MMO games for you to choose from in 2012.

Best PvP MMO Games 2012

First category – MMO games that are all PvP all the time. We recommend these three games:

top pvp mmorpg 2012

League of Legends – one of the most popular online multiplayer PvP games of all time, League of Legends (LoL) has over 11.5 million active players, with an estimated 4.2 million players logged in every day. This huge player base is bigger than World of Warcraft. It has won numerous Game of the Year awards. However, please note that LoL is more of a fighting MMO game than a full-fledged MMORPG. Gameplay is very quick and addictive. Players form teams and then engage in session-based, multiplayer battles against rival teams.

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World of Tanks – an addictive 3D MMO shooter game where players control World War 2 tanks. It is an exciting team-based game in which groups of up to thirty players each (meaning up to 60 total players) fight awesome tank battles. The flexible vehicle upgrade system lets players use any the vehicles and weapons in the game which range from fast, maneuverable light tanks to slow but powerful giant tanks.

best pvp mmorpg 2012

Wolf Team – an incredibly fun idea brought to life in the best way possible. This MMO first-person shooter game is addictive and fast-paced. In Wolf Team you play as a supernatural creature that can switch from human to wolf form at any time. Humans have the advantage in long-range attacks since they can use a vast assortment of weapons while wolves are unmatched at closer quarters because they are much faster, stronger, and durable than humans.

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Rumble Fighter – a unique fighting MMO with cartoony graphics that has been compared to the Super Smash Brothers game series. It’s basically a fun beat-em-up MMO game where you battle it out with up to 8 other players. There are various game modes but one thing is the same – your goal is to beat up your opponent/s using your combo attack skills.

These four offer the type of non-stop PvP action that many want. Instead of spending a lot of time leveling through quests and mobs, players simply get right into the player vs player action without having to bother with a lot of non-combat content. Take your pick of which type you prefer – shooter type or action fantasy MMO.

Best PvP MMORPG Games 2012

Second category – MMORPGs that have good PvP and lots of other traditional MMO game content such as quests, guilds, dungeons, etc.

Shaiya pvp

Shaiya – a good overall 3D MMORPG, Shaiya offers great faction vs faction warfare for those who prefer that kind of PvP.

jade dynasty

Jade Dynasty – a 3D fantasy MMORPG with an Asian martial arts theme. Since Jade Dynasty is based on Chinese martial arts folklore it attracts a lot of PvP’ers who enjoy the open-world PvP servers where anyone can attack you and you can attack anyone. Players can use the same character on PvE and PvP servers. All it takes to switch servers is a click of the button and it is free. There is also the popular Battlegrounds where players can fight in teams.

King of Kings 3 – a PvP-intense 3D MMORPG that focuses on large-scale clan wars. Guilds can even build their own cities if they control a territory. A good choice for players who like to play in a guild/clan.

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Top Player vs Player Focused F2P MMORPG Games 2012

So which game is the best PvP MMO?

PvP is fantastic, it’s some of the most intense, competitive and enthralling gameplay that you’ll ever experience. The top PvP MMORPG is a very hard thing to choose purely because of how different a lot of the games are.

You can get games in which you take on other players solo, in a battle of wits and personal skill. These are some of the most intense versions of PvP available because quite simply you have no one to rely on in the heat of battle but yourself. It can be very tough to get good at this type of PvP because there are select very skilled players who have honed their skills and can beat new people to the world with ease – but that makes it all that much better when you put the time into improving your skills and then finally start to beat the players who were so much better than you when you first started playing.

Another type of PvP is where you and a small group of players battle another small group of players – this can take place on a large battlefield or a small battlefield but generally it is just as intense no matter what the size of the battlefield. Sometimes a big battlefield means that you and your team have a little more time to plan and strategize but it always ultimately comes down to the key moment when your team and the other team clash for the first time … because once the battle is under way and competitiveness hits you and there’s usually little time for anything other than a few rushed strategic instructions to your team mates.

One of the best, most entertaining and certainly craziest forms of PvP is when the size of the teams is about 20-25 players each. A lot of the time these can be slightly less intense and just pure fun because the whole thing is very un-coordinated and you can find yourself in a lot of small 1v1 battles which won’t affect the outcome of the game too greatly thanks to the high number of players on each team. However, if two teams this large who are capable of co-ordination and strategizing happen to meet one another on the battle field – well certainly this can be the most intense form of PvP. It’s so incredibly competitive and dynamic that it requires the full attention of every member of the team in order to overthrow the other team … and it must be said that when you do manage to beat the other team the relief and satisfaction of victory can be jubilant.

The good news is that all of these games are easy to get up and running and some don’t even require a download … so what are you waiting for? Jump in!

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