Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is an upcoming first-person, medieval sandbox and RPG. The company behind it is new — Warhorse Studios — but its filled with industry vets who worked on such games as Mafia, ArmA, Operation Flashpoint, Crysis 3, and Forza Horizon. Warhorse is focused on delivering a very realistic experience, summed up in the tagline: Dungeons & No Dragons.

The story is set in a bleak moment of early 15th century Europe. The old king is dead and the new king has been kidnapped by his brother who his sending in his own army to plunder the land. Civil war is imminent. The player controls the son of a blacksmith, who will emerge as a hero after the destruction of his home and the murder of his family. Kingdom Come is no fairy tale though, the hero will only survive through wits and strength. Avenging the dead, safeguarding the rightful king, and restoring order is an incredibly tough job, but somebody’s got to do it.

The game thrives on nonlinear quests with multiple solutions. The choices you make define your character. Will you seek glory alone or will you form a team of close allies? Will you be brave, sneaky, or persuasive? You can play as a knight, thief, or bard — and each path will have plenty of choices to guide how your abilities and stats grow. In fact, there are no class restrictions, so you can really customize how your character develops into a hero.

Kingdom Come is a big game with a big world to go with it, but Warhorse is ultimate seeking quality over quantity. There are no generic dungeons or clichéd side quests. Each hand-crafted dungeon is memorable and the quests are complex and exciting: hunt down a mass murderer or take on a bandit fort with an army at your back, for example. The world is full of complex systems that are yours to play with. Everything happens for a reason. Your reputation, the economy, a single citizen’s daily routine, and the mood of the general public can all be affected by the things you do and say.

The main quest line will wait for you while you explore the world. Side quests, random events, hunting, crafting, and more await you. Tasks like hunting, blacksmithing, and picking pockets are played through mini-games. Your success is dependent on your stats and your skills as a player.

The first-person melee system is, like the rest of the game, focussed on creating a realistic (and enjoyable!) experience. Working with medieval martials arts experts allows Kingdom Come to deliver historically accurate techniques and combos. Next-gen technology allows fluid combat that incorporates real-time physics and inverse kinematics. When two weapons hit each other, both combatants will react to the blow accordingly. Just as the rest of the gameplay is wide-open to any playstyle, so too is the combat. Players can specialize in all kinds of melee and ranged weaponry. Combat can take place one-on-one, on horseback, or in sprawling battles and castle sieges where entire armies clash with each other.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is full of amazing, realistic gameplay and graphics. This open-world medieval RPG will be delivered across three acts with a total playtime surpassing 70 hours. It is expected to be released on PC, Mac, and Linux in Q4 2015, with Xbox One and PS4 versions to follow.

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