Games of Glory Announced

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Games of Glory Announced

Games of Glory is a new MOBA from indie studio Lightbulb Crew.

Indie developer Lightbulb Crew has announced Games of Glory, a sci-fi MOBA that features a persistent world, shooter-inspired weapon system and action-based combat mechanics.

“We are extremely excited to hear from the gaming community regarding Games of Glory so we can integrate their feedback and ideas into development and deliver a game that matches our player’s expectations.” said Anders Larsson, Studio Head and Founder, Lightbulb Crew. “This announcement is a major milestone for our young studio and we look forward to moving forward with development.”

Games of Glory takes place in a sci-fi universe full of different species, planets and factions. Players take on the role of a Controller of Clones, battling for the influence of their political factions or clubs.

The developer is currently looking for testers for an ongoing alpha test. You can sign up for a chance to get in by registering on the game’s forums.

Check out the Games of Glory website for more information on the game.