Fates Forever

Fates Forever is a brand-new mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) where you are able to choose one of two squads to battle against enemies and their structures in 3v3 combat. The game, which was firstly released for iOS as a “soft-launch” in December, 2013, will hit the international App Store in Q2, 2014.

Developed by Hammer & Chisel Inc., Fates Forever has successfully raised $ 8.2M. It plays similarly to the world’s most popular PC-based MOBA game League of Legends, but specifically designed for tablets. Its sounds, graphics, play-style, and view-point will immediately remind you of DOTA. In Fates Forever, you will expect a full experience of LOL, but those complex keyboard and mouse controls are now transferred into simple touch-screen gestures such as swiping, tapping and flicking.


Fates Forever is currently in beta, but our sister website AppsGoer has made an early review for the beta version. Thus far, the game has been updated with a couple of new things including new maps, towers, tribute waves, characters and game modes. We will give it a full review when it officially launches.

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