Xbox 360 Moves Over 750,000 Units Over Black Friday

Apparently, the Xbox 360′s relatively old age isn’t slowing its sales down by much. On Tuesday, Microsoft announced that the Xbox 360 managed to sell over 750,000 units during the Black Friday sales period, which falls between November 18 and 23.

Unsurprisingly, sales of 3-month Xbox Live Gold cards saw a considerable increase as well. Citing internal data, Microsoft says that it saw a 50 percent increase over last year’s Black Friday period.

The company also said that Halo 4‘s sales “exceeded expectations” during the week of Black Friday, but Microsoft wasn’t willing to share any of the dirty details. Entertainment application usage such as Netflix and Hulu were up as well, with a reported 43 percent increase over the Black Friday sale period. You don’t have to be an industry analyst to figure out why that is.

Nintendo’s newly-released console, the Wii U, also managed to do rather well for itself during the holiday sale craze despite word of a shortage from the company itself.

Microsoft may have proven that there’s life in the Xbox 360 yet, but the industry remains focused on the future as analysts and developers alike are abuzz with talk that Microsoft, along with Sony, will be unveiling the next-generation consoles next year. Just what they’ll be like depends on which rumor you’re reading, but it’s clear that there’s no shortage of anticipation.

If the latest rumors are to be believed, Microsoft may take a decidedly different direction with its next console. Entertainment seems to be the company’s focal point (especially if the Xbox Surface and Xbox TV rumors turn out to be true), and there’s been talk that the Xbox 720–or whatever Microsoft decides to name it–will be even more entertainment-focused than the Xbox 360.

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