Watch GameSpot’s Tuesday live show, win big prizes

Starting next week, GameSpot is going to bring you The Lobby, a weekly live show where we’ll play games, talk with developers, bring you news highlights, and give away awesome prizes.

What are those prizes going to be? Unfortunately, they’re so big we can’t tell you, but you’ll be able to find out at exactly 12:05 PST on Tuesday.

The show itself will air every Tuesday at 2PM PST. And check out the behind-the-scenes look at the set in the image to the left! As GameSpot host Danny O’Dwyer explained on Twitter, it’s our spiritual successor to the On the Spot show, but with 100% more fine leather and rich mahogany.

And keep your eyes on GameSpot to learn more about the show and find out how you’ll be able to win all of our fabulous gaming prizes.

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