Last of Us single-player DLC will feel “playful” compared to main game Preview

dir=”ltr” style=””> Left Behind, the next solo extension to The Last of Us , feel”, said today the voice actor of Ashley Ellie Johnson PlayStation Blog .

dir=”ltr” content, first solo extension developer Naughty Dog has never created are set before the events of The Last of Us and introduce players to the “real” Ellie and focus on their interactions with her boyfriend Riley, Johnson said.

“You will definitely see a playful side to Ellie know a little know them better,” she said. “You will have many different sides to the character you do not see in all of us the last case.”

dir=”ltr” terms like Left Behind “feels” compared to the main campaign, Johnson said, you should definitely expect something else.

dir=”ltr” “It’s a little more” fun “because you have to go two teenagers. Through a mall This is a bit like a post-pandemic Version two suspended Definitely not a normal teenage pub This is very different -.!. somewhat playful “

you =” liters “style = “”> players are in combat, the familiar load initial campaign we feel involved, but Johnson said there are “new accents and nuances, too.”

Johnson was not willing to reverse all the secrets for Left Behind, though, as they confirm if the player is to learn more about when Ellie is one of the infected they mentioned during the main season, while learning bitten with Riley.

“Playful” sound

dir=”ltr” “You’ll have a little more fun, I would say,” King said in an interview IGN . “One thing I can talk about what you see in some way in the trailer, the scene carousel … you get a little more fun with Riley is, you get a page of Ellie see that a little more trouble not like to explore the world they live in and the reality in which they live, but you get a side playful Ellie, you do not have to see. By Riley and you can see who is somehow doing these things on it and the release of [her] a little. “

style=””> Left Behind begin exclusively for PlayStation 3 in early 2014. With $ 20 The Last of the season pass DLC us and can be purchased separately. last of us was one of the few titles Sony showed last week at CES 2014, the company manages new PlayStation now streaming service , which is still in beta this month goes.

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