RIFT 2.3 Hotfix #16 8/21/13

RJ Patch Notes

* Fixed an issue causing summon friend not to work with visitors from other shards.
* Cross faction players should no longer get kicked out of a group when entering a sliver.
* Players from PVP shards in cross faction PVE groups should no longer get disbanded after a respawn.
* Sending a cross shard guild invite will no longer put the invited character into a state where they could not receive any guild invitations, and will instead display an error message that reads “Cannot invite players from a different shard”.

* Deep’s Supply Crates have been replaced with Crucia’s Supply Crates!
– New items have been added to Crucia’s Supply Crates: Life and Death themed costume weapons, as well as the the Golden Armored Spindrel.
– Rare quality Greater Essences have also been been added.
– Relic boxes no longer contain rare quality gear.
– Relic boxes have a chance at dropping 160% boost potions.
– When currency drops from Crucia’s Supply Crates, you will now receive both PVE and PVP currencies.
* Adjusted sellback prices of items available on the RIFT Store.



* Subtlety: Is now affected by PAs that increase the duration of buffs over 5 minutes in duration.
* Fae Mimicry: Fixed an issue causing abiliyt to proc from Lightning Hammer damage.

* Salvation: Now causes non-channeled, non-Justicar ground targeted damaging abilities to heal the Justicar for 5% of its listed healing.

* Ward of Flame: Can now be used by multiple people on the same target at the same time.
* Ward of Fire: Fixed an issue that sometimes let the ability to be cast without consuming the Blessing of Flame buffs.
* Symbol of the Sun, Symbol of the Torch: Can now only be applied to up to 3 allies at a time.
* Inflame: Now causes Flame Lance and Fire Wall to cause an additional 10/20% damage over 3s.
* Inflame: Now allows an additional 1/2 Fire Walls to be active, but reduces the damage of Fire Wall by 10/20%, and reduces the cast time of Char by 50/100%.
* Symbol of the Hearth: This abiliy has been removed.
* New ability: Cauterizing Wave: Obtained after spending 24 points in the Purifier soul. Removes 1 Curse, Disease, or Poison from up to 10 party or raid members, 10s cooldown.
* Emblem of Ashes: This talent has been removed.
* New talent: Feed the Flames: Feed the Flames now applies Feed the Flames to allies when they are affected by a Symbol buff, increasing healing received from Fire abilities by 10/20%.
* Premonition: This abiliy has been removed.
* New Ability: Flame of Life: Restores health equal to 300% of the Cleric’s Maximum Health to up to 10 group or raid members over 6s, reduces damage taken by affected allies by 20%, and increases damage dealt by those allies by 5%. Instant cast with a 90s cooldown.
* Flame of Life: This ability is obtained by spending 61 points in the Purifier soul, and applies a debuff to affected allies for 90s, preventing them from receiving the effects of Life’s Rapture or Flame of Life.
* Absorb effects from Wards now stack.
* Ward of Flame: Now a 3 second channeled ability restoring health over 3s that applies a stacking absorb shield effect each second. Lasts 10s with a max of 3 stacks.
* Ward of Flame: Ticks of this ability also apply a stacking buff to the caster, reducing the cast time of Ward of Fire by 0.5s and its mana cost by 5% per stack, with a max of 6 stacks.
* Buffs procced by Sign of Anticipation, Sign of Daring, Sign of Faith and Sign of Wrath can now stack with each other. A cleric may still only have one of the proccing buffs active at a time.
* Soul Brand: Now reduces maximum health per stack of its debuff instead of increasing damage taken.

* Frozen Wrath: Now no longer lands on targets the caster already has Frozen Wrath on when spread by Strike of the Maelstrom.

* Tidal Surge and Monsoon: These abilities now work together as expected.


* Flaring Power: Now costs 50 Charge to cast and no longer drains Charge while active.


* Flashback no longer causes the current target to get deselected.


* Life’s Rapture: Now applies a debuff to affected allies for 90s, preventing them from receiving the effects of Life’s Rapture or Flame of Life.
* Life’s Rapture: Now uses smart healing in determining who the effects are applied to.


* Moved one of the Power Blades out of collision in the Arcanum Conservatory.

* ZE: Fragment of Kaaz’Ra: Improved user experience of event.

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