a twist on levels

Its already been.established that players and npcs won’t have levels. This is a good thing for pvp among other things.

However what if there were levels for parties instead?

A party would gain exp by number of mobs killed, resources collected and quests completed. The more people in the party the faster the party levels. Let’s say the max # of members is 10. With 10 people in the party it might level once every half hour.

The incentives of leveling a party are the bonuses. Upon reaching level 10 the party leader chooses the type of bonus. Having a full party strengthens that bonus by 10%.

Example bonuses would be:

faster material collection
Faster movement speed
Buffs are 10% stronger
Health regenerates faster
Better drops and drop rate

More controversial options:

More damage
Defense boost
Members.can teleport to eachother with limitations

Its in your best interest to maintain membership because if party is disbanded its gone for good.
Just by playing the game and working.together players can earn these.bonuses.
Encourages players who dont know each other to work together, talk and become friends.

What are your thoughts on how parties and group activities should be handled? Should teamwork be encouraged and ifso whats the best way to do so? Can my friend and I accept the same.quest?

As always guys thanks for reading
EverQuest Next

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