Access to all collected classes on any character?

What if all your characters had access to all the classes you’ve collected at whatever tier you’ve earned in them and had shared storage up to the point where you could pick equipment off of parked/checked in characters? What I mean by “parked/checked in” is if a character was at a community hub where you would normally switch classes, not out in the wild. Each character would still have a separate Rohsong and Faction or whatever takes the place of Faction in Storybricks would still be tied to individual characters.

I think this would be a good solution for Min/Maxer’s in that if they made a Gnome warrior and found that Gnomes were sub-optimal it would easy enough to make a new character with whatever race they choose and have instant access to the warrior class (and any other classes collected) at whatever Tier the Gnome character had earned in them and all the equipment without having to start over from scratch.

As an RP’er one of the things that I’ve been concerned about with multi-classing and being able to collect 40-something classes is SOE’s possible position; ‘if you have access to all the classes, why would you need or want more than one character?’ Well for me, I want to be able to RP multiple characters’ and I want to experience Norrath through the eyes of multiple races. Though I don’t believe it’s necessary to make me re-collect classes that I’ve collected and leveled on other characters. So I believe this would be a good solution for that as well.

I realize this goes even further off the traditional track of one character/one class that many of us are accustomed to, it’s weird for me as well, but we’re already looking down the barrel of multi-classing and being able to hot swap any of the classes you’ve collected on a single character. I just don’t think it would hurt to go all in at this point and I don’t think this is a huge jump. I think I could live with this and it would solve a lot of problems where racial abilities/bonuses and balance is concerned where min/maxer’s rage quit.

What do you all think?
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