Are these contradictions in the lore?

I liked this timeline as a rough outline of ages and eras, etc.

I first saw it linked from this thread.

But I have a few topics that aren’t sinking into my head:

Veeshan imprisoned Kerafim in Sleeper’s Tomb with four watchers deep underground. She scored the land at the Great Divide and deposited her brood to watch over the land.

The Lore says that the elves used the spires to travel to other worlds where they found the dragons. By other “worlds” do you mean “worlds” or “continents”?

Same with the Shissar: they came through the portal and started infiltrating Norrath. They were sent back to their world and the portal was sealed, but the elves stumble upon the Shissar on Kunark.
And what about Akashidak? A misfired portal back caused the Ashfall but why? Where is Akashidak? Is it another “world” or another continent?

So far, it sounds like every race came from another dimension/world through the portals. Were there no “natives” ?

The Tier’Dal are an elite subsect of the Koada’Dal that eventually spins off as their own (enemy) race. But, most importantly, where are the Fier’Dal in all this? The Ravaners killed Tunare who seeped into the ground and left her legacy to Erollisi Marr. But that happened long before any of the elven race (K or T) were around.

At this point, either the Fier’ Dal have to be a separate hidden society, discovered, befriended and intermingled with the Koada’Dal (and eventually humans) or they have to be result of the Koada’Dal and Tunare’s legacy. Making the Fier’Dal a true product of Norrath would go a long way to connect the missing dots.

The “high” elves learned magic from the dragons, but the dragons now feared the magic. How? Why? After the K-T split, doe the Koad’Dal “mend their ways” and stop subjugating other races?
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