Combine Arch door

Bit disappointed with the door. The metalwork might be ok if there weren’t dwarves around. The kickplate at the base of the door is wider than the door as well. So to place the door, you have to decide if you want a gap on the side, or have the door slide through the voxels. I converted one to be 16 voxels high, and that only made it 10 voxels wide, and the door itself uses 1 voxel, so you only have 9 voxel width to walk through.
I know it won’t happen with the competition about to start, but would be nice to have the sides of the kickplate moved in to be even with the sides of the door. Would be nice if the door was squatter so you could make it wider without having to make it gigantically tall. If metal is supposed to be scarce, removing it from the doors entirely except perhaps handles would be my call.
EverQuest Next

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