Dark Elf Ground Mounts

Blog by Jeff Butler, Creative Director

We have been having a great time working on the Dark Elf style guide and collaborating with our players in the Workshop in recent weeks. We have established a strong shape language for their architecture, and colors for their lighting and stone. The effort and inspiration that Landmark players have brought to the process has been amazing!

Now the subject of the Dark Elves ground mounts has come up for discussion.

One of our philosophies is that movement in the game must be fun on a moment-to-moment basis. This is where our work on Heroic Movement comes in, with features like double jump, glide, and grappling. You can assume that this will be reflected in the mount behaviors in EverQuest Next. We are not quite ready to lay out all those plans in detail, but feel free to discuss what you think would be cool, like wall-climbing spider mounts, or raptors with double jump! How about a mount capable of digging? This is one of my personal favorites and has been talked internally about ever since we decided to build a completely editable world!

From a lore perspective I can picture the Teir’Dal mount being extremely reliable and highly effective in combat situations, but possibly very challenging to domesticate. There are great arguments for fierce, intimidating, and possibly beautiful creatures as candidates. I don’t see them riding anything particularly common, or hideous – even if it was powerful.

We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
Jeff Butler
Creative Director Landmark and EverQuest Next
EverQuest Next

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