Does our initial kerran architecture style guide fit in with your ideas for kerran?

Kerran: Architecture Style Guide
by Rosie Rappaport, Senior Art Director

We are ready to begin the work on establishing the kerran, our second race for EQN. We first need to identify their basic shape language with a style guide. Style guides are really important in setting the foundation that keeps everyone working together on a consistent look. This initial style guide is our first step in the process of establishing the final style guide. Our goal is that you the players build out the architecture, follow the rules, break the rules, add your own improvements and we all discuss these pieces on the forums and the Workshop Show. Ultimately helping us to complete the final style guide.

This guide includes lore that describes the kerran personality and society as well as architecture notes and examples. Remember though, these are not blueprints, they are concept pieces that capture a look and feel following a loose rule set. We’ve tried to note the key ideas that keep the architecture consistent such as thematic trims, typical building shapes and the arrangements of buildings in compounds and cities.

As you read over these pages, my question for you this week is, “Does our initial kerran architecture style guide fit in with your ideas for kerran?”

Happy Building and see you next week at the Workshop Show!

The style guide is posted in the Workshop subforum on Landmark.
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