EQ Franchise Nemeses & Newbies

Campfire Stories
by Bill Trost, Senior Designer

For us, a crucial key to EverQuest’s longevity and future success lies outside of the games themselves. While the stories, novellas, quests, and rallying calls set the stage for epic new adventures, it is ultimately the stories our players tell each other about their latest triumphs and tragedies that will breathe life into the re-imagined Norrath of EverQuest Next.

It’s these personal and unique stories, told ‘round our virtual campfires and passed down from grizzled adventurer to noob still stinging from recent defeat, which will make Norrath a real place, and not just a game setting.

Norrath has always been filled with unique nemeses that have provided countless new adventurers with hilarious stories of soul crushing defeat. The names of these “villains” still burn within the mind of any unfortunate to once feel their wrath. But far more significant is the satisfaction felt upon returning, after a lifetime of adventure, and exacting sweet, sweet revenge.

The poll question contains four of our personal favorites; please feel free to use this thread to suggest yours! We would also love to hear your tales of falling victim to these adversaries and of their eventual reckoning at your hands.
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