EQN Landmark: Plant Your Flag. First.

Senior Producer Terry Michaels explains the three available Founders’ Packs: the Settler Pack, the Explorer Pack, and the Trailblazer Pack.

The Settler Pack is available for $ 19.99 and includes unlimited Closed Beta access, a Founder’s Pickaxe, an exlusive title, and more! Settlers will receive these items on or before March 31, 2014.

The Explorer Pack is available for $ 59.99 and includes all of the items in the Settler’s Pack as well as Alpha Access, exclusive outfits, and more! Explorers will receive these items on or before February 28, 2014.

The best value is the Trailblazer Pack, available for $ 99.99. This pack includes everything included in the Settler Pack and the Explorer Pack, as well as additional exclusive outfits and other items! Additionally, trailblazers will get their name in the EQN Landmark credits, shareable Time-Limited Beta Keys to share with friends, and more benefits!

Are you a true Trailblazer? Visit www.eqnlandmark.com and buy your Founder’s Pack today!
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