Feedback on Ogre Competition

I’m sitting here struggling to put words together, so forgive me if this is a little long-winded.

I must congratulate the players that managed to submit builds and complete them. The standard is excellent. I had a 3 claim bridge to submit to the Ogre Competition, but due to several factors I was unable to submit it.

This is not a whining post.

Losing 2 days while they updated the servers, then 1+ day trying to download the patch, then having to juggle the competition around holidays was "fun". Then when I went to submit the build, a combination of server lag and UI glitch meant that I couldn’t submit it. Seriously, when it takes 20-50 seconds each time you load Claim Management or try to take a Screen Shot, it gets annoying.

I was quite proud of the build – "Bridge to Nowhere" – managed to follow the style guide where the Ogres split logs in half and suspend them from chains. 400+ chain props later… :p

When I couldn’t submit, I did what we were suppose to do – submit a ticket. Only its Xmas timing and everyone is away from the office playing Landmark, Everquest, [insert SoE Game here] and Planetside2! :)

So I got a reply from the Ticket today, and it said post on the forum… hence this post.

I have 2 suggestions for next competition:

1) A sanity check on the dates/timing please. Please don’t have the date of submission on or near major holidays. It greatly impacts on the time builders have and the response time of SOE support.

2) If Landmark continues with locking claim style of submission, give people a "Grace period" of a day once they submit so they can do any last minute adjustment. If I knew there was a Grace period of even an hour before Hard Lock once you hit submit, I would have been able to hit the submit button earlier. It would also soften the load on the server as people would be able to hit "Submit" sooner.


Vector (IGN: Darkins)
EverQuest Next

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