For the first time since EQ1…. (and a discussion about Life of Consequence)

I am actually looking forward to playing a game from my character’s perspective. By this I mean I will not start on day one with an eye towards becoming as epic as possible as soon as possible. I plan to immerse myself in Norrath and develop my character as a living, breathing part of the world…..because FINALLY someone is making a game that encourages this! It has been years since I have considered actually roleplaying my character and the choices she makes, because of the stagnant nature of MMO’s (static quest hubs, spawns, lack of meaningful change etc). Now if only SOE can re-create that feeling of being very small in a very large and harsh world that they pulled off so well in vanilla EQ, my MMO dreams will really come true.

The other night in skype, a friend of mine brought up one challenge that "a life of consequence" will likely present: Will we have to make a choice, as a guild or even just as a group of friends, to be evil or good, in order to continue to experience content together as a group?

While my friend typically plays as a Paladin, I am a dark elf coercer to the core. He made the comment that he will likely have to pursue the Shadowknight class instead of Paladin because he knows I am going to roll a dark elf no matter what.

Now, I am not asking this to rile anyone up. I thought it would be a good topic for discussion while we are all waiting on the next bit of Lore to arrive. IMO you cannot have it both ways. You can’t have meaningful choices AND the type of freedom that allows you to group with everyone, and I’m okay with that because given the choice I choose a living world where our actions have meaning.

I’d love to hear other’s thoughts on this subject! =)
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