Freeport Arena

Hi all, I’ve been very quietly lately, but as time gets more abundant i can get back to building in Landmark again.

Some of you will be familiar with my arena and some people will have never seen it before.
It is located at

Satisfaction (EU) – Whistling Tangle and my Builder is called ‘Acanthia’


I am having a lot of trouble finishing my arena and i would like some suggestions please.
I am suffering a fair amount due to the fact that every seemingly straight looking surface is actually a curve so there is a limit to what i am able to do, but im sure we’ve all had those problems right?

rather than describe everything to you, I’m going to take you on a tour of the arena and hopefully you’ll be able to know my mindset and where I’m coming from.

1.) Overview

here is a zoomed out view of the entire arena, it’s 2 by 3 claims in size and the sides and ends are right up against the edge (if i could go back and change it i’d make it about 5 voxels from the ends…


2.) the front and outside ring

here you can see the front of the arena, there is an outside ring that you can walk around, the pillars are there for display really, it looked a bit simple without them. The 1st floor is overstepping the ground for to enable queues waiting to go in to shelter from either the rain or the oppressive heat


3.) the entrance way

now inside the first ring you can see as soon as you get in the dooryou are forced to go to either side, in times of peace this is where entrance money can be collected for seeing the various shows, the grate to the right can be used as a defensive archery location in times of war, and also it is the last place a loved one could say their goodbyes to ‘gladiators’ entering the ring, more on that later. At the end you can see a stairs going up and a door next to it


4.) merchants promenade

up the stairs from the entrance way you meet the first functional ring of the arena, this si a wide corridor full of shops, past the decorative are where you can find most of the shops, you can’t get to your seats that way unless you go all the way arond to the otehr side of te arena


5.) meeting area & leather trader

between the 2 stairs going up from the ground floor (above the entrance ways) is a meeting area, here you can go out to the first rows of seats, or up to the second floor. People waiting here are constantly asked not to wait on the green paths as people will need to get through. As you can see under the stairs is a shop, this one is the leather and fur trader


1.) Bar

Going around the mercantile ring the first shop we come to on our tour is the bar, you can sit down and have a seat here but there is limited space, a lot of people take their drink and sit on the wide window ledges looking out from the area to eat or drink. Most tankards end up on the arena floor for some reason…???


2.) cushion shop

the seats for the arena are in essence wooden benches without padding, this shop does quite well business selling cushions to the populace.


3.) toilets

After every 2 shops there are toilets, mens and womens. the toilets consist of tubes that go down to the under arena area for processing (leather needs it, crops need it, i know it’s gross, but hey, it also had it’s uses) in times of war when the arena is in lock down this is also used to freshen up as large sink in the middle is kept clean and refreshed regularly by slave boys (and girls?)


4.) 1/4 of the way around

between the mens and ladies toilets you will be 1/4 of the way around the arena, i was thinking this place could be well used by artists and musicians to sell / busk their wares, we’re just lacking that kind of prop at the moment, i would like to do more with this area, but i currently can’t figure out what.


5.) candle shop

trying to find out ideas for shops, we have a ton of candles. so i made a candle shop, from this screen shot you can see how the corridor is always bending, so what looks like a straight surface is actually bending


6.) gambling casino

The arena is made for blood sports and what would any sporting venue be without gambling? this place is left open to get the maximum amount of people able to place thier bets, safes are kept behind the counter to hold money

7.) Florist

after dragging your wife out to se someone get their head caved in, what better way is there to say i love you than a bouquet of flowers. In this screenshot you can see that each shop has it’s on lit display window, this one displaying the sample flowers you can buy from the shop


8.) Restraunt / cafe

liek the bar this place does food, freshly cooked on site, in times of war this also works as a mess for the soldiers


9.) 2nd floor

from the meeting place going up, you get to the second floor. here you get the stairs going up to more seats, and also you can get to the 2nd row of seats from here


10.) standing tickets only

the cheapest tickets for the arena are found here, people are not allowed to stand on the green paths but this is where you can stand to view the spectacle and spend the least.

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