Gear Destruction in EQNext: Discussion

EQNext, as we know: is a Sandbox game. This means that they won’t have dungeon and quest gear and that means we will rely on other players to make gear for us. This means we need a system in which gear leaves it. Now I will describe the "big 3" most MMOs go for. This is where I got the discussion.

Decay and item’s breaking when its condition reaches ‘0’ is the most fair system in any MMO. It helps casual players the best, punishes players who play a lot the most and gives nobody a huge advantage. Even if a player gets a super legendary weapon — with a decay system he won’t have that advantage forever.

It means crafter’s will never go out of business either. Which is very nice because in most games after a certain point crafting becomes completely useless.

Desconstructing punishes crafters because it means that players who are not crafters get the mats and they make absolutely nothing. Maybe if you got a random chance to get 5-20% of what the original piece was worth.

However, you must understand that crafter’s should be their own class. They need stuff to do.

The Foolish One

While I’m not against dropping a couple gold every now and then as part of the ‘cost of doing business’, having to completely replace my gear every now and then would irritate me to no end, and likely lead to me refusing to use my ‘best’ gear unless I absolutely had to.

Exactly, you shouldn’t use your best gear. You should be using your second best gear, or even a third set when your generally adventuring.

Shiari Isatma

Ugh, no decay. FFXI and FFXIV have very demonstrably proven that in games where players can take on many roles, there is an evergreen need for low level gear, even without a decay system of any kind. It is simply an unnecessary hindrance that is used as an uncreative money and time sink in subscription based games to keep people playing and paying longer.

Nobody uses crafted gear in those games, they go straight for quest gear and ignore it completely. This game probably won’t have quest and dungeon gear at all. They can’t do that for their older EQ games, however they can for their new one.

Korean games have RNG and Regrading systems, and systems where you adorn your gear it has a chance to completely break the gear. So you constantly have to get new gear unless your good and prey to RNGesus.

I don’t like either of these systems, because honestly they are not fair. Lucky people will get lucky and get everything while unlucky people will have nothing.

This game needs a system where gear leaves it, so pick your poison.

1.) Item Decay=breaks on use, can be repaired – but eventually needs replaced.
2.) RNG, Regrades, Upgrading=failure, chance to break or make item worse.
3.) Time Limit=breaks after 30 days. Even out of game time.
EverQuest Next

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