Hopes for Dark Elves

So I’ve been trying to gather whatever I can on the Dark Elf lore and I’m really liking the idea that seems to pervade them so far that they’re no so much evil, as practical to the point where moral concerns are secondary to survival.

Which makes since if the Umbra is as god awful as it sounds like it might be.

What I really hope to see in the Dark Elves is a complete lack of understanding for the concept of ‘glory in battle’. Battle to the Dark Elves should be another tool in their tool box of pragmatism.

When I say they’re pragmatic, I don’t mean logical like say, Spock from Star Trek, I mean cold and pragmatic. They take the course of action that assures survival with little consideration for morality. Will torturing somebody get the response they need? They’ll do it in a heart beat. Slaughter a village? Sure. Go out of their way and sacrifice a good number of their own if it means that their race will continue to live and prosper? Same deal.

What do you guys think? What are your hopes for Dark Elves and how they’ll turn out?
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