How do you picture yourself in EQN ?

Hey guys ! Just a fun thread that I had in mind, but that can be immensely useful for both the community management and the developpers alike !

Basically, each member shares with us how he pictures his character(s) will be in EQN. What they will do, what they will stand for, what skills they will try to master, how they will overall experience the world of Norrath !

Obviously, we don’t know much about EQN yet. BUT, we all have expectations and mental images of the game so far. Managing community expectations is crucial to the MMO developpers, because while they won’t release all the available information about a game at any given time, the most disgruntled players are the ones which expectations are no met by far by the game.
This thread will help the community management team to gauge what the players expect so far, and accordingly plan their information release so as to ease players into what the game really will be over the time before release :)

Let’s share, let’s share !


Ps : I will share my ideas, but first I’ve got to eat :D
Ps 2 : Please don’t berate others or say they are misleading themselves and don’t feed the trolls. With the current state of available information, no one can be 100% right or wrong about the game and the goal is to compile how they believe their experience of the game is going to be.
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