If every playable race are part of the Combine, how pvp will work?

All races are together in the Combine, how we’ll have plots with pvp between players, if they are all part of the same banner? Life of Consequence video explain how we gonna fight in pvp for goals using the AI (PVE) as the source of it. But how the players can fight in non-instanced pvp without the need of a ralling call like the video?
The Combine will break apart or the players can choose to leave it? Players who wish to fight for the Tah’Re (Takish’Hiz) and not for the Combine?

Would be really bad for the lore and for the pve seing players fighting each other, while you know they are supposed to the "combined".

This one got me. Without speaking about Qeynos, in one city they are fighting like crazy, and in another they are fine? I don’t like much this but sanctuaries will exist probably.

Right now there’s only one faction: The Combine. What you guys think?
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