Interactive “lore” map of Norrath (English / German)


Who are we and what is this about?
Over the past couple of years, Realitor, Landbert and I (Zunjin) have started collecting information on the EQN game lore. Along with summaries of the EQN eBooks, we decided to translate all of these tidbits of information into German. In the course of which we stumbled upon this thread on the official forums. The community was trying pinpoint various locations and areas on a map, of course, under the watchful eye of Moorgard. We wanted to go one step further and so we came up with the idea to create an interactive "lore map" that would eventually contain all the information on the lore and the world of Norrath.

Earlier this year, TR3LON1ST, who has already been actively working on the EQNext Wikia page, joined our team. It was only a matter of time before we decided to make an international version of the map and connect it to each corresponding Wikia page. We took everything that we had, tossed it in a cauldron and stirred.
We would now like to present you the results! [IMG]

Information on the map
This map is supposed to serve as an illustration of the game lore of EQNext. We do not claim this map to be entirely correct or complete. The marks and all of the information provided was collected by the international fan community as well as the volunteers of the EQNext Wikia page. We have merely added to what we have found, translated that into German and attached it to the map. We would like to thank everyone who was involved!

Suggestions and questions
If you should have any suggestions or questions, we would kindly ask you to leave them in this thread. Should you have found an area or location on the map that we happen to have missed, feel free to mark the spot on this empty map and submit that.

Locations we are still looking for!
This is a list of locations that have already been addressed by the devs or that have appeared in an ebook, but for some reason we have not been able to accurately locate them on the map. Maybe Paul (Cronyn) or someone else from the dev team would be able to help us out here, kind of the way Moorgard did before.

But aside from that we welcome every volunteer who wants to help us in our search for new map locations! [IMG]

  • Ash Peak, which was featured in From Ash Comes Fire and should be on a mountain near Sangara.
  • Crimnson Bay with the Ruins of Durekhan, Steve talked about on the forum.
  • Tagnik Plateau in Lavastorm with the Tagnik Vukar Prison, which was featured in Prison of Fire.
  • The two small cities of Bellridge (4 days away from Myras’Hul) and Stillwater (near Freeport), with its pure massacred halflings. [IMG]
  • Crushbone, which was shown on an artwork. (if it’s not on Faydwer)
  • Kerran Isles, which should be on the coast borderin the Plains of Karana and Rathetyr. Thats what Steve posted on the forum and he also mentioned a new – not yet released – map in his post, which we can’t wait to get our hands on.

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