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1st time here. When they did the 1st thing bout eqnext at a fan fair a few years back I like everything but 2 big things. These things where enough for me to say nope never even going do this game.

I am wounding if maybe ether SOE or now Daybreak decided to do what I would consider the smart thing and get ride of these 2 thing. I will list the 2 things and say why I think they are nuts and such.

1st. The now level thing. It was said you would not level just get xp to level fighting skills up. This means that no mater what the mobs in each zone are always going be the same level to you at all times. Just you having more powerful skills to make the fight easy. NOPE NOPE NOPE this is big turn off to me. I want to level up so that some named or such that could wipe my group at x level I can go back as y level and wreak the name without any issues.

2nd. It was said that mobs would move spawn points now and then. Meaning that if I am camping a named at camp a at some point the mobs are going stop spawning at camp a and start spawning instead at camp b or camp c. Again NO NO NO. This is not something I see as fun. It more of a pain in the butt. Sorry I like quest as much as the next player. But now and then I like to just sit and do some mindless killing at some named camp or just normal mob camp. Mostly when I have housework to do. I will clear the camp then while I wait for the mobs to respawn I will do some housework. I don’t want to come back to find the camp empty and I have to go looking for the mobs all over again. There is no way in the world that this could be fun at all.
EverQuest Next

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