Kerran ground mounts

Blog by Jeff Butler, Creative Director

The Kerran Workshop is in full swing and the builds so far have been incredible. The importance you place on lore has been demonstrated in recent poll questions, much to the delight of our loremaster Moorgard (Steve Danuser)! That brings us to this week’s poll question, where we ask what kind of ground mount the kerrans prefer to ride.

The kerrans have a natural affinity for warm-blooded creatures, so they would not be likely to ride a lizard or insect. As a naturalistic race, they would form close bonds with their mounts, housing them near (or inside!) their own dwellings. They would look down upon humans jousting on horses due to the potential injury to the animal for little purpose. They also instinctively avoid situations which would prevent them from bringing their own natural weapons into play. Because of these attitudes they do not often ride their mounts during a fight. It is more common for the kerran to dismount and have their mount fight beside them.

Most of the poll choices are creatures which would otherwise be the prey of kerrans, an irony which suits them nicely.

As I mentioned in the recent dark elf mount blog, we want to plan for Heroic Movement abilities on EverQuest Next mounts, so please post your ideas for these features, and as always we look forward to hearing your thoughts!
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