Mark Tuttle Reveals Why All Access is Awesome

Dear Members,

My name is Mark Tuttle and I head up the All Access Membership team here at Sony Online Entertainment. We’ve been working around the clock to bring you SOE’s all-new game membership. Implementing this new All Access membership plan across our portfolio of games has been one of the most complicated changes to our billing system to date so we appreciate your patience while we completed these necessary updates. With that said, I am happy to inform you that we have officially launched our new All Access Membership!

At SOE, we see our players as part of our extended family so naturally our games are all about our community. It’s fun to belong to something. There’s information, status, and sometimes, really cool decoder rings. Up until now, our Members largely belonged to individual game Communities. The EverQuest members were over here talking about the “good old days” while the EverQuest II members were arguing over Shadowknights, and the Planetside 2 members were running around yelling “pew pew!” Wouldn’t it be great if we were all members of the same Community? Not only just the EQ or EQII or DCUO game Community… but the SOE Community.

To that end, SOE All Access was re-created! This valuable new program awards members with top level access to all participating SOE games. Members are no longer just a Planetside 2 member or a DCUO member. You are all now part of our extended family.

So what does this all mean? First, it means your membership dollar goes a lot farther. For $ 14.99 per month (or less if you purchase multiple months at a time), players can now have top tier access to all participating SOE games. This means if you want to take a break from sneaking around Auraxis in your Stalker Cloak and test your mettle against the dragon, Nagafan, or The Joker in DCUO, you can do so with all member benefits. And since your Station Cash wallet is good in all SOE games, you can drop some coin on a snazzy new outfit in EQII to announce, “Yes, I have arrived!” To continue the awesome, as a member players get 10% off the Marketplace price of that item! Go ahead, splurge for the spikey hat and the bunny mount!

One thing we want to point out is the change to the way members redeem the 500 SC membership reward each month. It will no longer be automatically delivered to players’ wallets. Instead, you will need to click the claim button in any of the participating in-game Marketplaces. This has been added to the main marketplace screen, so it’s easy to find. You’ll also know when you’re eligible to claim your next reward the same way!

My advice now is to OPT IN for emails from SOE and your favorite games. Because All Access members will receive special sales and promotions, you’ll really want to be in the know! Just go to, My Account, Newsletters. Sign up for one, two, or all of them!

One of the smaller, but very cool benefits that all players receive is the new forum badge system. We all need stinkin’ badges and SOE will be delivering them shortly after All Access launches. Members will get the All Access badge that screams “status,” but everyone gets a host of other cool items to adorn their profile as well. Some have to be worked for, so be ready to step up!

This has been a massive undertaking, as it touches pretty much every team and system at SOE. While we hope it will be a seamless transition, we expect a few bugs to pop up here and there. Please be patient with us while we squash them and get ready for a host of cool membership goodness coming your way.

If you’re not currently a member of the all-new All Access we’re making it easy to join with a special deal! Get 12 months of All Access membership for just $ 99.99. That’s a savings of almost $ 20 off a one-year plan.

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you in the ranks of All Access!

Mark Tuttle
SOE Director of Ecommerce
SOE Director of Ecommerce
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