My Shingles and “Witch Hat” roof are up at La Forge swap

Search LaForge on gallery. If anyone creates new variants, I’d love to see them. The cone and cone shingles are color coded where the pattern repeats. There are a ton of angles on the different roofs. Some common slopes: the steepest is 3 x 1, the cone has a 2 x 1, and the two angled roof has a 1×1 on the lower part.

The cone is difficult to work with and not perfectly sharp and clean, but it’s what I plan on using.

Visit my Qeynos Tower on the gallery for examples of assembled shingles.

I’ve also included my personal reformatting of Bryde’s library that I used to make all the shingles.

Hope this helps out, I’d still love to see people work on their own shingles too. The more variation the better!
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