New eBook: From Ash Comes Fire

By Steve "Moorgard" Danuser

Our newest EverQuest Next novella, “From Ash Comes Fire”, tells the story of Qora and Koan Gamysh, human twins from the village of Ojin in the Desert of Ro. Their lives are turned upside down when their home is attacked by bloodthirsty brigands flying the flag of an ancient pirate captain. The events that follow will put both their fighting skills and family bond to the test.

From Ash Comes Fire” also features flashbacks to the early days of the Ashen Order, just after the group’s founding by three surviving Teir’Dal and a kerran shaman. You’ll learn of the values that define the order, which will hold true going forward into the events of EverQuest Next.

Chronologically, this story takes place years after the Dragon War, the epic conflict detailed in our previous tales. The survivors of the Combine have fled to Kunark, leaving the ruins of Antonica in the hands of shattered kingdoms whose peoples are struggling to reclaim their lives. Though the dragons are gone, the world has been left a dangerous frontier. The Ashen Order arises amidst this chaos, its members pledged to bring light to the darkness. This period will come to be known as the Age of Exile, and “From Ash Comes Fire” tells but one story set in this volatile time.

We’re very pleased to welcome a new voice to the EQN Fiction Library: R.T. Kaelin, who joins Maxwell Alexander Drake and Robert Lassen in the roster of talented authors bringing our new vision of Norrath to life.
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