On the possiblity of Everquest Coming To PS4/XB1

So as many of you know, EQN and other games are mostly likely going multiplatform (PS2 is already confirmed for PS4). this is pretty much confirmed at the moment. in fact, the whole reason why they did this lay off period was to focus on multiplatform, and of course I’m assuming that means consoles. (and hopefully not mobile). I know most of you guys are of the PC crowd, and would rather have EQN/Landmark on PC only. but think about it.In the current situation that they are in now, dont you think that going multiplatform with these games would be the best decision? it obvious that they are most likely low on man power,and they would most likely not be able to release it on all platforms at launch.But opening their audience later on would be the best business decision. they’d have a bigger player base, which would of course mean more money. in the end, i think everyone wins. What are your thoughts? are you against console players joining in everquest next?
EverQuest Next

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