Owning Property in EverQuest Next

Blog from Jeff Butler, Creative Director

Those of you who have played in the alpha test, or closely followed Landmark will know that it is possible to claim a sizable (and getting larger as alpha progresses) section of the game world. Once you "stake your claim" that land belongs to you. As the claim owner you can freely edit the terrain and add voxels and props within that space. The procedurally-generated Landmark island continents each encompass a large playable area, but once players establish claims throughout the island, a portion of space becomes off limits for open play. This basically means that you can’t edit or harvest on claimed land, unless they specifically grant you permission.

The Landmark world has been designed and engineered as a non-genre-specific playground for builders and creators, and will continue to evolve in that direction. As we develop Landmark and EQN, we are capitalizing on everything we know about player housing and cities in our previous games, and everything we are learning from Landmark. It is important to remember that the Landmark community will be collaborating with us to create EQN. We are overwhelmingly pleased with the level of engagement and creativity shown by the players in the Landmark alpha.

That said, we would like to hear your thoughts on the mechanism of Landmark-style player land ownership in EverQuest Next. The world of Norrath will of course be fantasy-themed, and populated with advanced procedural AI with lore and story-driven progression. Is there room in Norrath proper for your house, manor, castle, or guildhall?

Keep in mind, in Landmark we will always control the cap on the total amount of playable space which can be claimed, and that percentage of the available land will fully support all aspects of the game such as combat, harvesting, and player progression. Players will be required to pay upkeep on their claims soon, to help prevent abandoned claims taking up play space. For obvious reasons, this would be particularly important in EverQuest Next.

Thanks all!
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