Question regarding “From ash comes fire” events

I have some questions about "From Ash Comes Fire" story.
Sorry if the answer is obvious and I just missed it in the book.
Some spoilers are present.

From a dialog between Grandmaster Yasuli(?) Tam and the Gamysh twins we learn, that at the dawn of Ashen Order, founders V’Mar and Uloro Silent Fist had killed Majdul (or his current carrier/form) and offered to "teach anyone".

My main question is about the human who came seeking knowlegde from Adelia and the 3 tier’dal founders.
When did it happen – before or after that promise?

If it was before, then how did the man find out about the order?
If it was after, then why the founders were so hesitant in accepting him despite their promise?

And finally, why this man’s story is important?
Is it the story of grandmaster Tam?
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