Reputation, politics, council, civil war and PVP with meaning.

How to give pvp depth and meaning, leaving the old design of combat just for combat behind?

You’ll only understand reading everything. Here it’s. EQN could use reputation of the player base of a race, to create the reputation of the race itself. For example, there’s 2 elves players, their reputation with the Kerrans is 5/10 and 8/10. The reputation of the Elves race with the Kerrans is the average of both which is 6,5/10.

Each race like the lore of EQN will have families, let’s use for example, Dark Elves with 5 families, 4 is player made, so everyone in the 4 families is a player and the other one is the AI, or better saying, the King of your faction of course.

Each family will interact in different ways with the Kerrans, each one will have their own reputation, using the example I gave in the beginning. The average of all families will be the reputation of the race, including the king’s family.

Here is where pvp gets in. The Kerrans families really don’t like the Dark Elves, at all. Players reporting attacks, sacks, npcs being killed by Kerrans and etc. The Dark Elves families will gather in the council to vote and speak what they should do against Kerrans. In the council everyone (players) will be sitting and locked on the seat to avoid crazyness in the place, everyone who chose to speak will be in a single line. Each player will have a couple of minutes to speak in the stage. First a player of the family A, then B, C, D and King, then repeat. After a couple of time the part of speaking ends and everyone will seat (this things of sitting will be forced to avoid crazyness and trolls). Now it’s time to vote, but vote for what? Based on the reputation of your faction with the Kerrans will be able to chose what option you want.

*No good reputations because the situation here is bad*

Reputation Normal.
Everything will get normal soon, nothing must be done. (Stay neutral)
Send a diplomat. (A player would go with scort of 2 players and 10 npcs)
Demand a diplomat. (You would say to the Kerrans that you demand a diplomat, they should send one)

Reputation Bad
Increase the defense of the realm, there’s no proves against Kerrans. (More npcs/bonus to stay in guard)
Send trops to the borders, but Kerrans still can get in. (Focus of npcs in the border and patrols)
Put the realm in alert, no Kerran can get in without authorization (Npcs will attack Kerrans if they get in)

Reputation Unfriendly
Send an ultimate and place the trops on the borders. (Ultimate: warning of iminent war)
Attack their villages and outpost as an answer. (Would attack only places near the borders)
Declare war. (Open pvp and expansionism like we saw in the life of consequences video)

*Diplomat = A player chosen by vote, he must have good reputation with the Kerrans to become a diplomat. He would have 10 npcs guards following him and the skill to begin diplomacy with the Kerrans. When he arrives in the Kerran city he would be recognized by the AI as a diplomat and would speak with the King’s family and the players.
*Ultimate = Is to alert the Kerrans that they must do something or war will happen.

So here you can see that the system is quite robust, you can’t make war all the time because of reputation of the players, you would need to the majority of players having bad reputation to do this, not only one here and two players there. And would need a lot of negative reputation to start a war. This is to make wars hard to do.

Everyone chose to declare war, but the last vote is the king’s family who have the power of vetoes, and the AI based on reputation of their family veto the action of the council. Vetoes decrease reputation and popularity of the King’s family, and in the same way with the Kerrans you can try to put the King down. If of course after many, I said many vetoes are made each family have the option available.

*Reputation with the King’s Family

Reputation Bad.
Send a family letter. (The family would send a letter to the king, an answer would come from AI)
Incite the city to protest (You would have an emote to scream in public against the king)
Boo the king’s family in public (You would have an emote to boo the king to decrease reputation)

Reputation Unfriendly
Insult the king’s family in public (You would have an emote to insult)
Acuse the king’s family of dealing with the enemy. (This is to try the entire city to revolt)
Start a coup/civil war. (You would be able to attack the King’s family npcs, yes, including the King)

*Family Letter = The AI would answer with reputation, if the King accepted the letter your reputation with him would increase and he would be more soft, otherwise it would decrease.
*Boo = When you use this emote the guards could make you harm.
*Insult = Guards would attack you, if all the families are with bad reputation with the king almost no guard would attack you because they are also against the king, if you are only one against him well… he would attack you with no problem.
*Acuse = This could make the King’s family leave power in a peaceful way or civil war would happen by an answer of the AI.

The family A and B chose to start a coup, if any of their players attacks the King’s Family this would mean that they are trying to do a coup. After the act the families C and D would receive a notification that the King is in dangerous and you must chose a side, you would chose between the King and the Rebelion.

When civil war happen a timer will pop up with a countdown, this is a preparation of the battleground, the entire realm would become in war. When the battle start there would be a timer to end the battle, a time that I don’t know personally, I’m thinking in days, for example 5 days, give feedback.

When the time ends, if you conquered more territory than the King’s family and the capital you won, if you have territory and no capital you lost, if you have the capital and no territory the AI would made a last stand to conquer it, if the king is killed during the war the timer stop and you won.

The King would be replaced by another King’s family but now the AI would know what she shouldn’t do and what see should do, becoming more friendly. Another King would have his traits and the council would vote for the new King.

This is a brain storm, but a really ocean storm, from the atlantic itselft. I would like feedback, get my ideas and say for example "No timers, I think is better the war happen in another way even if takes months" and etc.

If you have ANY doubt feel free to post it and I’ll answer it quickly. This text don’t have all the details. Thanks for reading and being loyal to EQN for being here!
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