Rohsong in Lore

So the Rohsong is a cool concept. It’s a magical book that keeps record of your travels and it gives you rumors and hints about stuff happening in the world.
Now that we know that it exists, it creates more questions.What are their origins? How common are they? What are the limitations of their use? Are they acknowledged by the world at all or are they just a part of the HUD?

Non-roleplayers probably wonder at this point: "What does it matter? It’s magic."
It matters when you are trying to create a story, which is what Roleplay ultimately is.
Imagine if fire magic existed in the world of Norrath in Drake’s books, but not in Lassen’s. That’d make for quite inconsistent storytelling, right? It’s no different in roleplay.

What could the Rohsong be then?

It could be a common, relatively simple to use divination tool created by mages. The magical journal and guidance through rumors would make it a very popular tool among adventurers and travellers. It could also be created by bards for the same purpose, utilizing a magical network of rumors and gossip. It could even be of ogre origin, created first by their spellcasters long ago to record the stories of warriors so when they fall in battle, they won’t be forgotten. (Grazdin’s book in Enemy of my Enemy??)

It could also be the Tome of the Chosen One, the Dragonbarn. Forged in the fires of M0rd0r by Solusek himself from the tears of Veeshan. Priceless artifact of times lost forever and only one exists in the world, in the hands of the Chosen one! And no roleplayer would ever want to have their character acknowledge having one.

Sadly the latter is the way many of SOE’s competitors in the mmorpg genre go about with their story, choosing a juvenile power fantasy over sense and substance. I’m very happy with the direction of EQN’s lore and worldbuilding this far myself and it gives me reason to be optimistic that the aforementioned won’t happen.

I’m interested to hear what others think of the questions surrounding the Rohsong. What do you think its origins could be? Should it be a part of the world, acknowledged as a existing physical object, or should it just be a part of the HUD and never acknowledged by norrathians?
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