Round Table/The Workshop: Kerran Pelts

Blog by Rosie Rappaport

When we first sat down to talk about Kerran models, one of the things we really wanted to capture was that they more closely resemble big cats. We wanted their faces to have cat muzzles, their heads to have high set ears and and their feet and legs to be “digitigrade”, which means that they walk on the ball of their feet and their heel and knee is much higher set than for us “plantigrade”, or flat footed primates. In order to do this, we had to make great strides in our wearables system development because the wearables that fit humans have to be easily refitted to this very differently shaped body! Now that we have a pretty good idea of how the Kerran bodies are going to look, it’s time to consider their markings. What pelt markings would you prefer to see on the EQNext Kerran? We plan to make several, but we want to know which pelts were most popular. Let us know and give us your reasons in the comments section!
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