slow down the release of lore

Not the sharing or the information, but the depth and breadth of lore.

I know we can’t recapture that incredible magic that was EQ1. You can’t “rediscover” something for the first time. So some of the awe and magic will never be repeated. For example, being in a 3D immersive fantasy world for the first time. The simple overwhelming amazement of wandering around a 3D world. Such things can’t be redone.

But there is much magic that still can be retained. I think a deep rich lore backstory is a huge driving factor in this. I think SOE knows this and they’ve said, many times, that the lore backstory is what drives everything they do.

In EQ1, however, SOE unveiled new realities over time. For example, we started out in the EQ world on one of two continents. After a while, a new continent was unveiled to us with Kunark. Then other worlds were unveiled, starting with Luclin. Then we were given planes. Then we were able to travel to alternate times, with SOD.

So, the progression made sense as it grew larger and larger: continents to worlds, to planes, to time travel, itself.

Now, my worry with the current lore is that some of these things are already “out there”.
We already have, other continents, other planets, other worlds, other planes, other realities. They are already there. I worry we’ve unveiled all the sequels at once.

Even with this new model, there will be a demand for new content at some point. The player base will want new lands to explore and adventure in. You can add new continents new underground areas, etc. Then when that doesn’t fit and you need bigger/better/more you can expand onto new worlds, then to planes, then realities, etc.

But, we’ve already seen a glimpse of all of these things. We have continents (Amaril, Antonica, Faydwer, Kunark), we already have worlds (Umbra), we already have “realities” (Odus).

Is it too much too soon?

Shouldn’t we be experiencing Amaril/Antonica first? Then, the rest of Norrath, then other worlds, then planes, then realities, then time, etc
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