[Suggestion] Rally Call: Ak’Anon, City of Gnomes!

We already know that we will be building Qeynos to the west, the city of the Combine forces upon their re-entry to Amaril. We already know we will be building Halas to the north. So many cities of old that will be rebuilt or even built new with the Rally Call system!

One city I would like to suggest is a city of wonders, the city of Ak’Anon. I realize that in the original Everquest, Ak’Anon was on Faydwear and not Amaril. It also remains to be seen if Kaladim will follow suit with sticking to Faydwear. My suggestion is that, whenever we get there or even prior to, that Ak’Anon be rediscovered, rebuilt, and its ancient secrets of machinery, alchemy, science and magic be brought back with it to make the Gnomes once again a force to be reckoned with.

Ak’Anon is a city that runs like clockwork. Literally. Clockwork makes up this city be it the clockwork constructs that guard and guide the gates and streets to the way the city unnaturally shifts and churns with the cogs that turn it. When surrounded by so many clocks, time is the most important and cherished resource of the gnomes.

A city created to maximize efficiency and reduce wasted time, city sidewalks and streets are moving conveyors quickly carrying engineers and lab assistants to the places they need to be and where they needed to be yesterday! Trains and airships could be used to navigate as mass transit throughout the city, technology the gnomes proved capable of throughout EQ1 and 2. A city built on top of the seemingly endless fields of scrap, either disposed of refuse or soon-to-be recycled machines. Chop shops, alchemical laboratories, libraries, machine shops, and coffee shops make up the vast majority of the city outside its political buildings or sleeping quarters. Indeed, the city’s residents drink coffee like it was their elixir of life. The more bitter the taste and more hours in the night transmutated from sleeping inefficiently to all-nighter cram sessions, the better! The Dwarves have their ale, the Elves have their wine, but the Gnomes have their coffee.


I’m not kidding. That’s your typical gnomish resident of Ak’Anon.

Anyway, Ak’Anon could provide the technological and scientific edge it needs to stand out from the rest of the races. Between the Dwarves compensating grand stone halls to the Dark Elves dark, edgy, literally everything has a sharp black edge design, Ak’Anon stands out. That’s what it certainly did in the original Everquest, and in Everquest 2 before the clockwork constructs went all Skynet on the gnomes and kicked them out of their own city. Certainly a place with cool stuff to do and neat things to see. I think it would be an excellent and varied addition to the new-old world of Norrath.


I could see it.

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