The housing system, and how it won’t be favorable to new players after launch.

So I recently became aware of how people want the housing system to work. "By putting them in designated housing areas". In theory this isn’t a bad idea, but as it stands non-instanced housing is not a good plan. Look at Archeage for example I recently decided to give it a try (while waiting for EQN of course) but i got into the game 2 weeks later than others. Issue number one: Any land that was available isn’t anymore weather you are a Sub or not. Issue number 2: If you want land you have to pay outrageous prices to people who already own land (be it one or twenty houses) (BTW its 1200g for a 16×16 on my server last i checked). Issue the third: Most of the people placing the land have no organisation skills, if people were to move their house a slight bit to the side there would be enough room to place another. Please SOE don’t use this system it is broken and unfair to anyone joining even a day late to the game.
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