The impact of knowing Lore, on gameplay

What impact will Lore have on general gameplay?

I can come up with obvious and simplistic answers to this question. There may, at some point, be Gods in the game, they are part of the Lore. There’s NPC’s from the Lore books that we will fight with or against, or even just help.

How will KNOWING the Lore be helpful? I know a massive battle took place here long long ago, I may find something of value in this area… OK… That area will always be there and the history of EQN will not change, unless we do another reboot ;) How else can KNOWING the Lore be helpful? Can it help you predict/sway NPC decisions? Can it help you know what certain actions are most beneficial when attempting to gain the favor of a particular faction?

If you want Lore to have a true and meaningful impact, KNOWING past Lore should impact present Lore (NPC’s), which can be modified by player decisions and choices (making each server unique).

That will happen regardless with Rallying Calls (as they are a means to implement Lore and force an outcome which may be different from other servers, making them unique)…

Will knowing the Lore allow me to find some one’s child (who is actually a demi-god), which I may then help, who then grows up to the become the leader of a faction that founds a new town, who then becomes Ruler of an entire region and a devout follower of a particular God/Gods, which spreads influence and causes creates its own disturbance on the server. Only IF this very difficult to find NPC is found, by knowing the Lore, and somehow being tested on the Lore, to enable this NPC and the subsequent chain events, can the hypothetical outcome which I have described be possible.

How will the players knowledge of Lore be tested in game? It’s kind of like Epic quests.

I know from Lore that this group hates that group. I know from Lore that these guys used this type of magic, and it’s likely that they would share that magic knowledge with me should I gain enough of their favor, so I’m gonna help these guys out….

I ask what impact knowing lore will have because anyone can stumble upon an NPC… anyone can kill NPCs and through chatter know that it improves faction with these guys. Will there be secret words, sayings, phrases, to unlock this content? Is it going to be repeatable? Because if you help an NPC that ends up becoming a leader in the future, that should really only happen once, and the player(s) involved in doing so through use of their knowledge of Lore should solely benefit from their actions…. This would make knowing your Lore more rewarding. That means there would have to be a lot of historically involved NPCs related to special chain events to make the desired impact for multiple players and creating diverse servers.
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