Tree Harvesting & You! (Landmark)

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A few weeks ago we released the EQNL Roadmap, and there was much rejoicing. Amidst the really eye-catching features, like CAVES, WATER, and COMBAT (seriously, you think you can’t wait?), there was a tiny little line scribbled in phase 2 that mentioned something about a "Tree harvesting revamp" and "More details [later]"… well later is NOW my friends!

But first let’s talk about what we set out to accomplish with "Lumberjacking." Our goal with the system was to make a casual, supplemental form of gathering that can be done in groups (pre-planned or free form) and supports the crafting experience. Basically, we want you to get together with a few friends and run around knocking over trees while being able to crack jokes about the dark age of burled wood.

Whatever our intentions, we all know the system is not a great experience right now. We’ve played it; we’ve seen your posts on the topic and all of your awesome suggestions for improving it. We know where the system falls apart and we have some pretty good ideas for solving the most grievous problems, but what we want to know now is which aspects of the system matter most to you.

The choices for this poll reflect the places we’ve identified as the largest problem areas in the system, while also giving the briefest of hints at our preliminary solutions for those problems. Obviously you will want to know more about those solutions, and that info will be coming, but for now we want to gauge your take on our direction.

You’ve also probably noticed that one of those choices is not like the others. While we have a plan, and we think it’s a good one, it is always possible that you may have a better one. If you think we completely missed the real reason tree harvesting isn’t what it should be, please let us know! That IS what this whole open development thing is about, after all.
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