[Unofficial] workshop by community

After read all actual thread , it can be clear that people would like to change and starting to build on other race.

All you read in this thread is unofficial and is my personnal opinion.

Actualy we know futur possible race which could be build by Landmark community.

– Dwarf (design started but can be change)
– Iksar
– Gnome
– Human (Freeport)
– Modern Elves (probably wood elves + hight elves)

We know the race which need to refresh because Tools have changed or finish:

– Dark elves (need refresh)
– Kerran (Vah-Shir in futur 500 years after the first opus) (city: Shar Vahl, need refresh)
– Ogre (Oggok, need refresh)
– Takish (old elves/ dead and unplayable)
– Halasian (actualy the race is in submit process, city: halas, or barbarian)

We know specific city with cosmopolitant race:

– Qeynos (elves, human ===> half-elves)

we know race of monster which is coming to EQN

– Goblins
– Orcs
– Giants
– Plants

other possible race of EQ (1 or 2) to EQN.

wood elves (city: Kelethin)
Grelok (city: Gukta)
Halfelin (city: Valrive)
Hight-elves (city: Felwithe)
Troll (city: grobb)
Erudit (city: none but can have their own secret city)

Fairy (Faes (good) & Arasais (evil))
Sarnaks (mix dragon, and iksar)
Ratonga (mix rat and gnome???)
EverQuest Next

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