Week of Oct. 20 Livestreams: Landmark Live & The Workshop Show

Landmark Live #33

Join us on the Landmark Twitch channel on Wednesday, October 22 at 4PM PDT*. This will be the first of our "new format" shows, featuring Colette "Dexella" Murphy (Community Manager) and Terry "Fairan" Michaels (Senior Producer) in a small studio set-up, focusing on community builds and game play.

The Workshop Show #18

On Thursday, October 23, head over to the EverQuest Next Twitch channel at 11AM PDT* to join Jeff Butler (Creative Director) and Rosie Rappaport (Senior Art Director) for The Workshop Show. This show is your glimpse into the player/Dev collaboration in building the world of EverQuest Next. This week will reveal who won the latest workshop poll – Ogres or Dwarves!

Can’t catch the shows live?

You can catch the replays on the following playlists: Landmark Live and The Workshop Show

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EverQuest Next

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