What are you most interested in participating in at SOE Live 2014?

SOE Live 2014
Blog by Terry "Fairan" Michaels, Senior Producer

Hello, everyone!

So, we’re starting to get ready for our major summer event, SOE Live. This is a time we all love because it gives us a chance to get together with a bunch of people that love the same things we do and chat!

Last year’s event was when we officially revealed EverQuest Next and first announced Landmark. It was an incredible experience to share that news with you – the community – first. Our panels and events last year were focused on giving you LOTS of information about the ideas behind the game and the plans for the Development cycle. We had the major keynote/reveal on Friday morning, and followed that up with panels about both Landmark and EverQuest Next.

This year, we’re starting to plan what types of panels and events we’re going to have at SOE Live specifically for Landmark and EverQuest Next. Since you’re part of our giant Development teams for these games, we wanted you to weigh in on what you’re hoping to talk to us about this summer in Las Vegas. If you’ve never been to SOE Live, here’s a bit of information about the types of panels we normally have. Big concept and niche game topic panels are usually a 50 minute presentation. Workshops and Q&A sessions are more attendee-driven, either to work on/design a certain aspect of the game, or to just ask questions and get answers from the team. The other events – live quests, parties, and brunch – are more social activities, and a time for you to get to know us, as well as hang out with your fellow gamers.

So, with the poll choices below, let us know what kinds of things you’d most like to see or participate in this year at SOE Live (even if your answer is “All of the Above” – pick your #1 option for the poll). Leave us comments on the forums with specific panel topics or event ideas.

We hope you’ll join us this summer in Las Vegas!
EverQuest Next

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